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 2016 - 2017 Tax Preparation  -  Get Personalized Service


                                                                                                Bonus Savings!

* Guaranteed Savings
* Free Electronic Filing

* Bonus Savings For Referrals

Guaranteed Service
* Guaranteed $30 off your last year's filing fee with copy of your 2016 Tax Return.

* No waiting while your taxes are being prepared. We will pick up your last year return (local clients), or you can e-mail the information to us. Upon receipt of your information, we will prepare your return and with your pre-payment deliver it to you.

* Free electronic filing and direct deposit available to ensure prompt refunds.

* Receive an additional $30 off if we do the return of a friend or family member. 

* Harris Tax & Financial Services, LLC provides personalized service to assure you receive all legal deductions for maximum refund, plus guaranteed penalty protection from inaccuracy of numbers
                  Don't miss out - Enjoy these savings plus get friendly personalized service!

You can now pay for our services conveniently, securely, and electronically via credit card.

For our Client's convenience we now accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card.

Call now for information.  Phone: 512-763-9914 Fax: 512-858-0468 OR contact us via E-Mail at

Lottie M. Mikell-Harris CFP
Registered Tax Accountant                                                                                              Dripping Springs, Texas
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