Our Testimonials

“Lottie is a phenomenal accountant. I have worked with her for many years with not a single year being the same as the last. Each year Lottie exceeds my expectations, not only on the quality of her work, but also on her ability to turn around our taxes in a incredibly timely fashion. I would highly recommend Lottie.”

–  E. Abrams

“Lottie Harris has completed our tax returns for the past eleven years. She has provided a great service to me and my wife with expertise and preciseness of work every year. Her attention to detail and experience in both financial accounting and tax regulations has benefited us very much. We value Mrs. Harris’ friendship and professionalism very much and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of an expert!”

– B. & S. Carrillo

“Harris Tax & Financial Services, LLC has provided tax counseling and tax return preparation for me for twelve years. The service has always been both personal and professional. I would highly recommend HTFS to anyone desiring personal service and the assurance that they will receive maximum legal deductions.”

– C.Y. Daniels, Banker

“Ten years of professional and courteous service.”

 – R. Warren, VP Mortgage Financing

“Harris Tax & Financial Services has provided services to me and three other family members for the past ten years. We have been very pleased with the services and the family discount.”

– Y. Martinez, Medical Examiner

“I have received six years of tax service from Harris Tax & Financial Services. I am confident that HTFS does the necessary research to ensure the maximum allowable tax deductions for my small business operation.”

– D. Saylor, Realtor/Nurse.